Deferred Annuity Calculator

Fixed Deferred Annuity Calculator

($10,000 - $100,000)

Eagle Series 3 & 5 years; ages 18-95
Eagle Series 7 & 9 years; ages 18-90
Premier Series II All years; ages 18-80

PREMIER Series II Annuity

Eagle Series Annuity

Account Balance @ age :
Annuitant Age End of Contract Year Guaranteed Account Value Guaranteed Surrender Value Projected Account Value Surrender Value
Guaranteed values are based on the Guaranteed Interest Rates shown on the specifications page. Projected values are based on the First Year guaranteed rate and the Bailout Rate shown in the specifications page thereafter. All Values are calculated as of the end of the contract year, and include surrender charges for that policy year. Values assume there are no full or partial surrenders. Projected values shown in the last two columns are hypothetical and are not guaranteed. Renewal interest rates vary primarily based on the Company's investment performance including realized gains and losses on assets supporting the product. It also varies on such factors as operating expenses and product competitiveness. Actual values may be more or less favorable. Actual values may be higher if a higher interest rate is declared by the Company.  Values for contract years not shown will be provided upon request. (This illustration does not reflect that, because of interest, a dollar in the future will have less value than a dollar today.)

Surrender Charges will be waived upon Annuitization, provided the Annuity Payment Option elected has life contingencies or a period certain of ten years or more.

After the growth period, you will have a guaranteed account value of and a potential account value of . The following results are based on those values.
Payout Option Guaranteed Monthly Payment Potential Monthly Value Description
These values are for illustration purposes only. Please refer to your contract for actual values.
Year Surrender Charge

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