Two Top Paying Annuities

Two Top Paying Annuities
American Savings Life


Above-Market Rates
Without Market Risk




Founded 1954

Option 1:


Income for the Rest of Your Life


Never worry about outliving your income!

Your monthly payments are guaranteed for the rest of your life - no matter how long you live! And if you select a Joint Annuity, full payments are guaranteed for as long as the last surviving spouse lives.

Never worry about losing money in the market!

Your monthly payments are guaranteed to never decrease - regardless of what the markets do.

Create your own "Personal Pension!"

Convert a part of your savings into a guaranteed lifelong stream of payments.

See for yourself how much income you can receive for the rest of your life!

Use the online calculator to see for yourself what the B.E.S.T. and B.E.S.T. FLEX Income Annuity can do for you.

Income Annuity Calculator

Option 2:


A Smart Alternative to CDs

Deferred Annuity

Grow your savings with higher interest rates than CDs.

With both "Guaranteed Interest Rates" and "Bailout Interest Rates" higher than bank CD rates, your savings will grow faster with an American Savings annuity.

Tax Deferred Compound Interest

Unlike bank CDs, interest earned on the PREMIER SERIES II annuity is tax deferred. Since 100% of your interest may be reinvested, the power of compound interest works more effectively for you.

Liquidity Options

You may elect to receive monthly interest payments at any time. Or after the first year, you may withdraw up to 10% of your account balance each year without surrender charges.

VERY competitive interest rates!

See our current interest rates - which are sure to be some of the highest rates in the country!

PREMIER Series Interest Rates

Is your IRA stuck in a low rate account or subject to market risk?


Put your retirement nest egg to work with an IRA Annuity from American Savings.

You are able to get all of these benefits with your qualified funds such as IRA's or 401k's with an IRA Annuity from American Savings

Unique Tax Deferral Strategies

Both the PREMIER Series Deferred Annuity and the B.E.S.T. Income Annuity can be used to optimize your tax deferral, each in a unique way.

Call us today to discuss what annuity strategy would be best for your personal circumstances.

American Savings Income Annuity

Guaranteed Income for Life!

The following tables show the Cash Flow and Payout Rates if you purchase a $100,000 annuity that pays you every month for as long as you or your spouse live (Joint Life Only):

Joint Ages Monthly Cash Flow
65 $482
70 $535
75 $605
80 $706

The Monthly Cash Flow values are guaranteed for as long as the last surviving spouse lives!

(Rates effective 1/7/16)

Income Annuity Payouts

Payout Rates are calculated by dividing the total monthly payments received each year by the premium

Part of your payment is tax-exempt!

For all non-IRA annuities, part of each payment you receive is taxable income and part is tax-exempt. Your policy illustration will show how much is taxable income and how much is tax-exempt.