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Earn 4% interest with our Advance Premium Deposit

Historical APD and GIC rates

American Savings has consistently paid attractive interest rates for decades.

Current APD and GIC rates compared to Jumbo CD rates

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Note: Our policies & insurance products are currently available to AZ and UT residents only.


W-9 Form with Premium Deposit Agreement Endorsement

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How do I make deposits into the APD savings account?
You may include a deposit with an insurance application, or at any time you may mail or drop off deposits at our corporate office in downtown Mesa, AZ. (See our Contact page for more information)

How do I make withdrawals from the APD savings account?
You may request to withdraw any or all of your APD account balance in person or by mail. Since the savings account is optional, you may close it an any time and still keep the life insurance policy in force.

How do I pay premiums from the APD savings account?
Premiums will only be paid from your APD account 30 days after they are due if you do not pay them by check. This ensures your policy does not lapse unintentionally

About Our Advance Premium Deposit

An Advance Premium Deposit account does more with your savingsThe Advance Premium Deposit (APD) Account lets you save additional money for the future. You may deposit funds into an APD account to save for yourself, for your child, or to pay future premiums.

There is only a $5 minimum balance and of course there are never any fees*. This savings account is an optional policy feature, not a bank account. It is not FDIC insured, but is guaranteed and secured by the exceptional financial strength of American Savings Life Insurance Company.

Your optional savings in the Advance Premium Deposit Account can earn a guaranteed interest rate of 4% or more per year.

Feel safe and secure with an APD from American Savings

  • APDs are available for all of our insurance policies
  • No monthly account fees
  • The maximum account balance for an APD is limited to the maximum future premiums of the policies assigned to the APD
  • Youth Life policies have a maximum balance of $7,000 for every $10,000 of insurance

For Example...

  1. Example 1: If you had two Youth Life policies on two of your grandchildren, you could keep up to $14,000 in your APD, earning at least 4% interest
  2. Example 2: If you just applied for a Grand Slam policy with an annual premium of $1,000. You could have $20,000 in an APD earning at least 4% interest that first year. The second year you could have up to $19,000, because you only have 19 premiums remaining on the policy.

* Fees may be charged for special services requested (e.g. wire requests)

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

“Having the opportunity to have my premiums paid automatically from my APD account gives me great peace of mind.”

Trent Allen

“My children use their APD accounts for saving their own money. When they saw how much interest they were earning they decided that saving money is fun!”

Myrna Memmott

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