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You only pay premiums for 20 years and you receive these benefits FOR LIFE!

To apply for the Grand Slam Insurance Plan, simply print this application, fill it out and mail it in with a check for your first premium.

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Grand Slam Life Insurance Plan Benefits

  • Only pay premiums for 20 years
    Your cash values increase every year, even after you stop paying premiums
  • Up to $50,000 Immediate Life Insurance
    That increases every year
  • Full Policy Value Paid At Age 95
    Pays full insurance amount upon death, or if the insured is still living at age 95
  • Guaranteed Life Long Coverage
    You never have to re-qualify or re-apply! (as long as premiums are timely paid).

Earn Even More By Opening An APD Account!

What is an APD account?

An APD account is an Advance Premium Deposit Account that lets you save additional money for the future. You may deposit funds into the APD account to save for yourself, for your child, or to pay future premiums. It is not FDIC insured, but it is guaranteed and secured by the exceptional financial strength of American Savings Life Insurance Company.

Currently our APD accounts are earning
4.0% interest

See Your Policy Value Grow!

More than 6% Compounded Annually Tax Deferred Growth!

Guaranteed 3.5% interest on your Cash Value plus Projected 3% Annual Dividends* provides a total projected growth rate of 6.5% on your Policy Reserves. These are some of the strongest payouts in the industry!

Annual Dividends

You may choose how to apply your dividends:

  1. Applied to increase your insurance coverage by purchasing paid-up additions which will increase your dividends every year thereafter!
  2. Paid to you annually.

Quit Anytime With 4 Surrender Options

  1. Cancel the policy & take in cash the current full cash value.
  2. Convert the policy to reduced Paid Up Insurance and receive annual cash dividends for the rest of your life!
  3. Convert the policy to reduced Paid Up Insurance and increase the amount of insurance each year by purchasing additional paid up insurance with the annual dividends!
  4. Choose Extended Term Insurance and keep the full amount of insurance by having the premiums paid by the cash value (Default selection).

Grand Slam Calculator

See just how much you can earn with the Grand Slam Calculator. Try the Single-Payment & 20-Year Payment options.

Grand Slam Calculator

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To apply for the Grand Slam Insurance Plan, simply fill out this application and mail it in with a check for your first premium.

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The American Savings Life Grand Slam Life Insurance Plan offers you all the advantages of tax-deferred growth, together with the retirement benefit of an endowment at age 95 policy. This is ideal for your retirement savings, to provide you with a fixed income at age 95 with a guaranteed return plus dividends.

*Projected values & benefits include dividends, which are based on our current dividend schedule, and cannot be guaranteed. Dividends actually paid may be larger or smaller than those illustrated. Dividends assume no loans. Policy loans reduce dividends, and bear a 6% interest charge. This illustration does not reflect that, because of interest, a dollar in the future will have less value than a dollar today.

Note: Our policies & insurance products are currently available to AZ and UT residents only.