Youth Life Insurance

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We are so confident that Youth Life is the best value available for youth life insurance that we offer you a full six months free look!

Now you can protect your children or grandchildren from 6 months to 24 years old with lifelong juvenile life insurance. This is whole life insurance that will never decrease.

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Note: Our policies & insurance products are currently available to AZ and UT residents only.

Policy Benefits

Guaranteed Life Insurance!

By purchasing Youth Life, your child is guaranteed life insurance protection for their entire life! The policy cannot be cancelled or decreased because of health problems he/she may develop in the years to come.

Lock-In Low Childhood Rates For Life!

By insuring your child today, you lock-in the low "Youth" rate of only $25 per year for every $10,000 of insurance, which is guaranteed through age 24.

Guaranteed Cash Values

As an adult, at age 25, the annual premium changes to $90 per $10,000 of insurance, never to increase again. The entire $65 increase is "Cash Value." Policy cash value is money that can be used if you or your child should need cash later in life. To learn more about the benefits of cash value, click here.

Up to $20,000 Immediate Protection!

The "Basic Benefits" of $10,000 can be increased to "Double Benefits," which provides up to $20,000 immediate cash to pay for final expenses in the event a tragic illness or accident takes the life of your child.

Six Months Free Look!

If for any reason you decide to cancel your Youth Life plan within 6 full months from the date you receive it, we will promptly refund all premiums paid. With nothing to lose and so much to gain, APPLY TODAY!

Includes Our 4.0% Minimum Interest Rate Advance Premium Deposit Account

The optional Advance Premium Deposit (APD) account lets you save additional money for the future. You may deposit funds into the APD account to save for your child or grandchild, yourself, and/or to pay future premiums.

Your savings in the Advance Premium Deposit account will earn a minimum guaranteed interest rate of 4.0% per year. To learn more click here.