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The Youth Life Insurance Plan protects both you and your children or grandchildren:

FOR YOU it provides up to $20,000.00 immediate cash to pay for funeral and burial expenses in the event a tragic illness or accident takes the life of your child.

FOR YOUR CHILDREN it assures "permanent" life coverage, regardless of changes in their health condition or dangerous future occupation or hobbies. It also accumulates Cash Value that can be borrowed at low interest rates while they live! To learn more about the benefits of cash value, click here.

Life Insurance Buyer's Guide

See how the American Savings Life Youth Life Insurance Plan stacks up against what the experts at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners say about purchasing life insurance:

"First, decide how much you need.... The major reason you buy life insurance is to cover the financial effects of unexpected or untimely death."Life Insurance Buyer's Guide*

$10,000.00 is sufficient for today's funeral and burial costs, but not excessive.

"Choose the combination of policy premium and benefits that emphasizes protection in case of early death, or benefits in case of long life, or a combination of both."Life Insurance Buyer's Guide*

The Youth Life Insurance Plan provides coverage in case of early death, and also provides low life-long premiums and significant cash value accumulation.

Note: Our policies & insurance products are currently available to AZ and UT residents only.