Commercial Building, Coolidge, AZ

Office Building on Arizona Blvd, Coolidge, AZ

Pricing - For Sale at $120,000

Present Lease:

May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2022 Rent $1000 per month + rental tax
Option 2 (Following 5 Years) Rent $1150 per month + rental tax

The building is approximately 1732 sq. ft. and the land in two parcels of approximately 13,000 sq. ft.

The parking is on the lot to the north and is graveled. Parking is accessed from the street or alley.

The Tenant is required to pay real estate property taxes which exceed $3194.16 in any given year. The Tenant has a security deposit of $1700. The Tenant may cancel the lease with a 30 day notice and six (6) months lease payment.

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Interior & Exterior Dimensions & Floor Plan


Additional Details

Landlord: Landlord shall, at Landlords own expense, be responsible for maintenance and repairs required to the underground sewer and drainage systems, HVAC, roof, gutters and drains, exterior walls, structural supports and foundations, parking lot and walkways, and any inspections or certifications required by applicable laws or codes. Landlord shall not be responsible for or required to make any repairs that may have been occasioned or necessitated by Tenant, its agents, employees, or customers. If Landlord should fail to complete any required repair or obligation as referenced herein within 10 days of written notice by Tenant, Tenant shall have the right to advance the costs of and complete such repair or obligation and either abate or setoff monthly rents until such time as Tenant is reimbursed in full. All receipts of work must be presented to Landlord to justify amounts paid.

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