Thursday, September 21, 2017

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

  • Over fifty years ago, as a newly married couple, we purchased a small life insurance policy that came with stock from American Savings Life Insurance Company. Although hard times caused us to let the insurance policy lapse, the stock dividends continued all through the years. Ten years ago we were talked into purchasing a $200,000 annuity from another company. The agent lied about the returns, promising 7% to 14% annually. This particular annuity never rose above 2.5%. We had purchased the annuity with money from a money market account making 6% at the time. After a year of frustration we bailed out taking a $17,000 loss. Needless to say, the word annuity left a bad taste in our mouths. One year ago, we received a prospectus for an annuity with our dividend check from American Savings Life, promising 7% the first year and 6% there after with a 3% guarantee. We had a $200,000 CD maturing and rolling it over would only pay 1.5%, so we had our bankers research American Savings Life and I also talked in length with the executives of the company. We also called the Insurance Commission in Utah about any complaints with American Savings Life and found none. Then, feeling more assured about American Savings Life's annuities, we purchased a $200,000 annuity from them. It has proven completely consistent with all promises, and they have paid 7% APY interest monthly on time each month for a year. With that assurance, a couple of months ago, we added another $30,000 to it. We are confident that American Savings Life will continue to pay interest on time in the future, as we rely on this income for some of our retirement expenses. We will certainly consider investing with American Savings Life Insurance in the future. Jerald R. & Sandra A. Johnson

  • I have really enjoyed our relationship over the past 42 years. You have treated me very professionally. And I am looking forward to continuing if for the next 42 years. Patrick Karr

  • ASL is the "Best In The West" Scott W Ries
    Chandler, AZ

  • American Savings Life is so easy to deal with. Having had to borrow, your personnel were great. I love the info sent with the bill showing what everything was. Great Job! I have had this and one more policy for many years and am happy with them. Karen Cohen
    Idabel, OK

  • I feel confident that my stock is as secure as it possibly can be with our economy being what it is today. I plan to stay with American Savings Life. Stockholder

  • This insurance is a great policy. The premium is manageable and the increase in the cash value makes it a great bargain.

    Policy Owner
    Tempe, AZ
  • I am very happy with my account, with you, and with the way you handle it. I have confidence that you give me the best service possible, and thank you very much! R. A. K.
    Emporia, Kansas

  • I am pleased that I purchased shares of American Savings Life Insurance Company stock many years ago. The dividends I have received and continue to recieve, have helped me pay for Car repairs, new glasses, doctor and dental bills, and many other emergencies that I have had. W. Hutchison
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Although my investment is miniscule, the attention you've paid to my account has been most satisfying! William Arnold
    Lamar, CO

  • I appreciate the way you handle the investment I have with your company. The dividend checks are a blessing I look forward to twice a year, and they are always on time to fill a need I have at that moment. E.O.L
    Emporia, Kansas

  • I love the fact that I can access the president of a company (or even his father) with my investments, some of which were begun with my father Franklin Newhall when the company was in it's infancy. The ready friendly advice from the company feels more like "family". Linda N, Connell
    Globe, AZ

  • We are so grateful we were introduced to you folks at American Savings Life Insurance. We feel our savings & investments are so safe because of your integrity & transparancy. Thank you for your friendliness and willingness to always be there for us. R.B. Garner

  • This note should have been written months ago. Your employees did a fine job of transferring my deceased father's stock to my brother and me. Their insrtuctions were clear and easy to follow and their responses to my questions were speedy. The transfer could not have been handled for efficiently. This is much unlike several financial institutions and insurance companies I have been forced to deal with. I can recommend American Savings Life highly! Ronald Talent
    Charleston, SC

  • As shareholders for over fifty years, we have been most pleased with the return on our investment and the quality of service. As customers, any questions we had, has been answered in a courteous and straightforward mannor. Howard & Eleanore Wren

  • The best, most personable group of people I have worked with in 30 years. They will be the first recommendation I will give to anyone. Donna Hill
    Camp Verde, AZ

  • I appreciate that your financial reports are easy to understand. I also appreciate that my account grows, as opposed to the value of our real estate and other investments. Phyllis
    Tempe, AZ

  • It seems impossible that this could be the 41st anniversary for me. I've always felt that you are a good deal for me and my family. Thank you! Anna Costanzo
    Gila Bend, AZ

  • I feel Confident that my stock is as secure as it possibly can be with our economy being what it is today. I plan to stay with American Savings Life. Priscilla

  • I am very pleased with American Savings Life Insurance Company, and they have been very patient with me. Stacy C. Ouzts

  • ASL and the staff are very professional, knowledgeable & great to work with! Donna Frye
    Phoenix, AZ

  • I am very pleased with the services, rates, and quick response to all my inquiries regarding my account. A. Peterson
    Alpine, WY

  • You are a great company to do business with. We appreciate the help you gave us during hard times! C. S.

  • BEAUTIFUL! Many Thanks! Keep up the Good Work! Roy Waddell
    Glendale, AZ