Why American Savings Life

American Savings Life: Security, Stability & Strength


American Savings Life (ASL) was founded in 1954 (over 65 years ago) in Phoenix, Arizona. The company has been consistently profitable every year for well over the last 30 years, proving our ability to withstand even major economic recessions. years.

Financial Security

American Savings Life's commitment to conservative, profitable investments provides its policyholders with exceptional security.


Compare ASL's "Solvency Ratio" (assets-vs-liabilities) with some of the biggest insurance companies and you will see that our financial security, dollar-for-dollar, is unmatched!

With a Solvency Ratio of $128.34, American Savings Life has over five times more Assets per dollar of Liabilities than the average large life insurance company. This equals greater financial strength, dollar-for-dollar, securing your annuity.


American Savings Life is able to profitably pay higher rates than the competition in large part due to our low overhead business model. ASL was founded on principles of frugality and conservatism, which continue to be our guiding principles today.

Comparison of Life Insurance Company Solvency Ratios*

Information as of 12/31/2020

Company Name Solvency Ratio
American Savings Life Ins. Co. $128.34
Allstate Life Insurance Company, IL $114.59
New York Life Insurance Co. $112.10
Nationwide Life Insurance Co. $105.80
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. $102.84
Prudential Ins. Co. of America $103.88
State Farm Life Insurance Co. $119.19

* A Solvency Ratio is the amount of assets a company has for every $100 of Liabilities (obligations). This ratio is an indication of the company's ability to withstand asset devaluation and still meet obligations when they come due.

Information sourced from an Independent Comparative Report from Standard Analytical Service, Inc.

What does this mean?

This means that American Savings Life Ins. Co. has $128.34 of assets for every $100 of liabilities (obligations).

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