Instructions on Selling Stock

How can I sell my American Savings stock?

American Savings Life Insurance Company common stock is not currently listed on any stock exchange.

However, in an effort to provide some liquidity to the stockholders, the Board of Directors has authorized the Company to buy back (also called tender) shares of Company stock.

The tender price changes each month, based on the Company book value per share. See the current tender price here.

As an alternative to tendering your shares to the Company, you could solicit other shareholders to purchase your shares. As a stockholder, you have the right to request a name and address listing of the shareholders of the Company for this purpose. The cost to generate such a list is $25.00, payable to the Company. If you are interested in requesting a name & address list, contact us.

To tender your shares you need to send the Company the following:

  1. Your original stock certificates. If you are unable to locate your original stock certificates, you may download an Affidavit of Lost Stock Certificate(s) to use in lieu of your original stock certificate(s).
  2. A completed Tender Request Form - Contact us to request a Tender Request Form be sent to you.

Mail the above items to the Company home office (we recommend certified mail if you are sending stock certificates):

American Savings Life Insurance Company
935 East Main Street, Suite 100
Mesa, AZ 85203-8849