Stock Transfer Instructions

How to transfer your stock

To transfer your shares of stock to another individual or into the name of a trust, you need to send the Company the following:

  1. Your original stock certificates. If you are unable to locate your original stock certificates, you may download an Affidavit of Lost Stock Certificate(s) to use in lieu of your original stock certificate(s). If you have more than 500 shares, we also require a lost instrument indemnity bond.
  2. A completed Stock Power - click here to download a Stock Power
  3. A Form W-9 - click here to download a Form W-9

To automatically transfer your stock upon your death to a specific beneficiary, download the Transfer on Death (TOD) Beneficiary Designation form.

Mail the above items to the Company home office (we recommend certified mail if you are sending original stock certificates):

American Savings Life Insurance Company
935 East Main Street, Suite 100
Mesa, AZ 85203-8849