40 Acres In La Paz County, AZ

Rancho Luna Encantada
La Paz County, AZ
Vacant Land
40 acres • water storage tank
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40 acres of prime land, 16 miles Southeast of Salome, AZ, 1 mile North of the Salome-Buckeye Highway on Desert Moon Road. Comprised of 4 x 5.5 acre elevated residential sites and 1 x 18 acre level lot.

These parcels are undoubtedly the most desirable pieces of property within the "Big Horn Ranch" for several reasons:

The property has a full quarter mile of frontage on Desert Moon Rd., just 1 mile off the Salome highway, providing easy access!

Most all of the 40 acre ranchettes within the Big Horn Ranch are comprised of flat, virgin, Sonoran Desert. 4 of the 5 lots have EXCELLENT Elevated Sites for future development. Of the 4 - 5.5 acre lots, the western 30% rises up to form the eastern base of a small mountain range on the neighboring State owned land. This elevation creates a secluded western border, with the mountain standing as a silent sentinel offering total privacy to the property. You will never have to worry about a neighbor building too close to your Western property boundary.

The 4 - 5.5 acre lots are nestled on the side of the mountain, with eastern facing vistas that provide "priceless" breath-taking views unavailable from any other lots. The earliest rays of light each morning herald the beginning of a new day, while the property below remains bathed in twilight. And again, as the sun sets behind the mountain at night, your property has the most magnificent view of the moon, as it silently rises to flood the desert floor throughout the night with it's soft light.

Stars, which become lost due to the glow of city lights, become vivid and countless over the ranch. You'll be amazed as you gaze into the heavens at night. Your soul will fill with peace, while your heart marvels at the real beauty of the heavens. Shooting stars, comets, astrological formations, lunar changes and even man made satellites become vividly clear.

From early July, through mid-September, Arizona plays host to a desert "monsoon" season. Most days will find cumulus clouds beginning to build in the early morning hours, and by early afternoon, thunderstorms are created, which move across the desert throughout the remainder of the day, and into the night-time hours. The clean smell of rain in the ozone rich air brings a heightened sense of pleasure. The elevated homesite on the property gives an unrestricted view to both the land below and the heavens above, Dazzling displays of lightning, with their accompanying crash of thunder, herald approaching downpours of intense rain, as these brief storms move across the desert. Often several of these "cells" are visible at the same time within your view, and they are nothing less than marvelous to behold - sometimes lasting well into the night. Occasionally a thunderstorm comes right at you, - and you'd better move inside quick, or you are going to get wet! The sound of the rain pelting your roof, or beating on the windows brings excitement, and you won't want to miss one moment of it. Before your eyes, the desert comes to life. Rivulets of water form, and begin to flow, filling small desert washes, moving water quickly south into the large Centennial Wash, which will carry it east to the Gila River, which in turn will deliver it south to the Painted Rock Reservoir, at Gila Bend. Lasting from just a few moments to perhaps 30 minutes or so, these storms quickly pass, and you'll want to rush outside to watch as it continues on its way. The rivulets dry up as ground absorbs the remaining moisture, and within moments, only the damp soil and lingering fragrance of soaked creosote, remain.

The monsoon season is one of the attractions that keep this southwestern area of the country growing, -- and the elevated residential site is one of the very best places from which to enjoy it.

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