5,400 Acres Near Holbrook, AZ

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Legacy Ranch on I-40
Holbrook, AZ
10,000 sqft building • 5,400 acres
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Legacy Ranch is in the North Eastern part of Arizona and borders the town boundaries of Holbrook. Interstate 40 runs through this property, with about 7 ½ miles of frontage. It also has 275 +/- acres bordering the Holbrook Airport which is North of Exit 289, and also has a 10,000 square foot building just south of I-40 off exit 292. The Legacy Ranch area has Petrified Wood under and on top of the surface that is indigenous of this area. In many parts of the property, there are large deposits of beautiful gravel, made from petrified wood. Bentonite can also be found on Legacy Ranch, which is used for the sealing of ponds, lakes, or for medicinal purposes.

Other Information

Interstate 40

With a Traffic Count of over 60,000 vehicles per day, I-40 is a very important artery running through the country that early settlers would have dreamed of. Moving right along with a 75 mph Speed Limit, traffickers usually breeze by the unoccupied boring areas, and slow a little so gaze at the more exciting views of the different town areas, stopping frequently to purchase fuel and food, or to take a restroom break. Exits are the only methods by which vehicles have of exiting the highway, and Legacy Ranch has access to three of them. Trucking companies use this highway as a paycheck, shipping everything from toothpicks to Humvee’s. This highway is moving 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is an important part of any town or business.


With a population of about 5000 people, Holbrook is a small town. With companies like Walmart and Home Depot showing signs of promise, possibly considering planting their roots into Holbrook, there is lots to get excited about. Holbrook is the County Seat of Navajo County, with employees of the County travelling 30 or more miles to and from work. Also Joseph City is only about 15 miles to the West with a Coal Power plant. Most of their employees travel through Holbrook every day to and from work.

Holbrook is in need of homes, and has been for a while. Builders make promises that seem to fall through with no avail. Meanwhile people are still commuting long distances every day to and from work with only a promise to go by. While the people and leaders of Holbrook support growth, not much has happened in the recent past.

Holbrook Airport

The Holbrook Airport has a runway length of 6700 feet at present, and FAA approval to extend it to 8000 feet. With a cross runway available, this airport is a valuable part of Holbrook. Large enough to bring in all general aviation aircraft, as well as most of the larger jets, the Holbrook Airport has room to grow. Only a 35-45 minute flight to Phoenix (with larger aircraft), this airport is easily within reach of the big city life.

Interstate Interchange

Highways nationwide are vital in bringing goods to cities and towns. Interchanges are what get the valuable people off the interstate. Highway departments seem to charge an arm and a leg, just for talking to you about building an exit. Fortunately Legacy Ranch already has access to 3 different interchanges (289, 292, & 294) which are extremely valuable to the surrounding property. Exit 289 (East Holbrook) is the major exit into the East side of Holbrook, as well as providing access to the nicer, more renowned residential area of Snebbly Hill where all the large custom homes are built. Exit 292 (Keams Canyon Road) is the main artery for the Navajo Indian Reservation going north which is Route 77, and south is the Legacy Ranch Entrance. Navajo Indians will come down and do a lot of their shopping in Holbrook, due to limited stores on Tribal land. Exit 294 (Sun Valley Road) is the main entrance to the town of Sun Valley and small shops such as the famous Knife City which seems to have every knife you can think of. Sun Valley is a bedroom community to the town of Holbrook, made up of mostly larger acreage lots; it is close enough to Holbrook to be a valuable asset.

Petrified Wood

Researchers say that tens of thousands of years ago, this area was a large forest. At present this land is considered to be a high desert. Researchers say that for thousands and thousands of years, the trees that used to be indigenous of this property got covered over. Over time these same trees turned to rock. This rock has a beauty that many people cherish and find to be a great value. With every color of the rainbow, this rock can be cut and decorated for some of the most beautiful tables, or even conversation pieces that will light up any home. This petrified wood has been uncovered in many places on this property where you can see just how nature preserved them for us and many generations to come.

Mesa on property Mesa on property Mes on property

Petrified Gravel

Some people think the reason this gravel exists (or sometimes called “Desert Pavement”) is that the trees got ground up and mulched into smaller pieces. Over many thousands of years these pieces kept getting chipped up and grounded so just the hardest parts of them were left. (By putting gravel, sand and pebbles into a cup you can see kind of what happened over time. All the larger pieces of rock sifted to the top, while the more fine material got pushed to the bottom) There are many large areas of this Petrified Rock that are able to be seen, that go down several feet in depth. After a nice rain, this gravel shows its inner most beauty by bringing its true colors out for you to enjoy.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay

Brand new cameras and electronic equipment all seem to have this small package of white matter inside of them these days. The packets are in with the electronic equipment to keep moisture inside to a minimum. In these packets is a small portion of Bentonite clay that takes all the moisture out of the air inside the box to keep the electronics dry. Bentonite clay has many uses, traditionally used for the sealing of lakes or ponds. Bentonite can also be used for medicinal purposes, to heal all sorts of things, internally and externally.

BNSF Railroad

The Burlington Northern & Santa Fe is the main railroad that brings goods and supplies back and forth across the US. This railroad runs just south of Legacy Ranch, and right through downtown Holbrook.


Unknown to most, the town of Holbrook and its surrounding area sit on one of the largest aquifers in the nation. Spanning 4 states (Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico) it has enough water to support life for many years to come. Water in this area of the country, is the thing that is most vital to our survival.

Holbrook Packet

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Legacy Ranch Packet

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