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Vein Of Gold & Sun Valley Highlands
Holbrook, AZ
Vacant Land
1-5 acres • water, power, telephone
Price: $1,000/acre

These are IDEAL LOTS for home sites. The property fronts on Interstate 40, and is easily accessible to the freeway, just a mile east of the Sun Valley Interchange (about 6 miles East of Holbrook). The property is only 17 miles from the freeway exit to both the Painted Desert Visitor's Center and Petrified Forest National Park.

Property Description

  • Residential lots from 1-5 acres just North of I-40, 7 miles East of Holbrook in the community of Sun Valley, Arizona.
  • 360 degree panoramic view
  • Water, Power, and Telephone on property
  • $1,000 per acre
  • $150 down and $150/month for 21 months, INTEREST FREE!!!


Sun Valley Highlands

Blank plat map of Sun Valley

Blank Plat Map

Vein of Gold

Blank plat map of Vein of Gold

Blank Plat Map

Price & Financing

These prime-unspoiled residential lots offer a couple of unique benefits:
  1. "INTEREST FREE" CONTRACTS up to 5-years!! (These "Interest Free Contracts" alone create nearly 20% additional Cash Savings -- paying property off 14 months early!!!)
  2. Very favorable financing rates --with payments as low as $150 per month for less than 2 years = $3,000 total price for 1 acre lots (plus one-time closing costs of approximately $33)!
Sun Valley Highlands
Vein Of Gold